Stems is a "by appointment" only studio. 

The best way to reach us immediately is via
iphone: +1 (845) 514-5037 feel free to call or text;
IG: stemsinc  feel free to DM us messages will be answered within 24 hours

Accepting select wedding & event inquiries for 2025

Available for freelance & travel

At Stems, we take the time to understand the unique qualities in all of our clients. Your tastes and style are always communicated through the work we do for you. When you first decide that you are interested in working with us, we ask that you fill out  our questionnaire found under the Details tab. This helps us both to determine the elements in which you are interested, and the budget that you would like to work with. After we receive your completed questionnaire we will determine together which service best suits your needs, your budget and review all of your elements.

A c•o•u•t•u•r•e client is someone who wants us to do a custom event, you're either too busy with everyday life and career or you simply want to lay back and relax during this busy time.  An initial consultation can last up to three hours and if you don't have that kind of time we can do it in bits over the phone and via e-mail to begin the process. We review the homework we give to you, and we address all of the details of your event. After your consultation, if you decide to move forward with us we will develop your event proposal.

Our proposals may include options for: bridal and attendant bouquets, centerpiece/tabletop design, custom linens, lighting applications, placecards & table numbers, chuppa design options, invitations, save-the-date-cards, floorplans and other details to make your wedding day the ultimate expression of you. We have a complete in-house graphic design department, Stems ink, for all of your printed details.  We really are a full service studio! Proposals take anywhere from two to six weeks to complete, and you will receive a copy by email. When you decide to sign on with Stems for your décor, we require a deposit of approximately fifty percent, and we encourage you to purchase the consultation package of five hours of consultation at a reduced rate for conferences via  e-mail and telephone. Consultation hours without our package will be billed at our regular hourly rate, and sample meetings may be scheduled for a fee that includes time and materials. We are partnered with some incredible vendors in the area and throughout the U.S.A., and will put you in contact with them if you have not yet made decisions about yours. When you hire the best, you can relax!

When you want additional assurance, our staff is available for full event planning and coordination.

Stems c•o•u•t•u•r•e decor budgets generally start at $25,000 

Ready 2 Wear...

For a client who is happy with our "tried & true" design work and doesn't want or need as much hands on attention during the process. During your ready 2 wear telephone consultation, we discuss your choice of design options, and the types of flowers available to you. Our twenty years of experience allows us the ability to know which options will give you the best value and look within your budget. Our general philosophy in designing a great look is to repeat design elements in varying heights to create interest. This makes a strong statement and creates an intentional look. We will create a basic overview of décor options for you based on your choices that you will receive in two to four weeks. Your floral options are rooted in your color palette choices and preferred budget. Occasionally, floral elements may need to be exchanged because of availability or changes in market prices, but your completed look will be the same. Our extensive knowledge of the market, paired with your confidence in us makes a great combination for a beautiful event. If you would like a live sample meeting, you may schedule one for the cost of time and materials, which will vary depending on the length of your meeting, and materials needed.
Stems ready 2 wear budgets average $12,500 with centerpiece prices beginning at $350.00. Pricing does not include set up or delivery.

Do It Yourself (almost)...

Our d•i•y clients get the best of everything Stems has to offer but you get it at just above wholesale cost!  We work with you one on one in order to grasp the full extent of your vision, we do all of the designing, sourcing and importation and then we  deliver it all to you with full instructions on how to execute it yourself with the help of some crafty friends and family. This service isn't just about saving money, it's a great option for a specific client with a hands-on approach to design, and who may have seen floral designs in magazines, on Instagram or Pinterest, but don't know where to purchase the products they need. A d•i•y client will receive a "recipe card" which includes how to care for the flowers you receive, the breakdown of floral elements and other ingredients, and how to put your pieces together. Clients and their friends and family may also schedule a workshop for an in-studio lesson for the specific designs in your event and if you're not local we'll send you a video. This is a wonderful alternative for clients that want to get their hands dirty and enjoy knowing that they did it themselves! Stems d•i•y budgets vary depending on your selections.

Stems will ship your event to you, anywhere in the U.S.A. including HI and AK.  All non perishable products will arrive well in advance of your event and perishable products will arrive on the Wednesday or Thursday before your big day.  If perishable product shipping is not advantageous to you we will schedule those items with the local wholesale market in your area using our resale certificate and connections. Nothing could be any easier or more cost effective than our "do it yourself" service!

Roll up your sleeves, get your army knives out and crack the's party time!

2024 Freelance rates;

Local studio work per diem contract rate $875/day

Local studio work per diem no contract rate $1,125/day

On location work per diem contract work $1,175/day

On location work per diem no contract rate $1,450/day

Travel "on location" work $1,850 per day (8 hr day) $195/hr for every hour over 8hr period.

Lodging, food and transportation additional

If you are interested in hosting a flower social @ your home or office and want a quote please reach out to us.