Stems Inc. Wedding Floral and Event Design Studio, Hudson Valley, New York, CT, MA, CA & Europs
Glass vessels and blueberries, an edible blue theme.
7" pedestal vase.  $16.95 each
Masses of thistle in silver ANYTHING...
Glass vases range in price from $3.50 to $25.00 each
Hand tied Lavender
Create your own place cards with Birch Bark
Globes are available in almost every color, size and shape.  Prices range from $3.95 for a 10" to $37.50
Birch Bark strips are available by the box or by the sheet.  $7.99 to $75.00
Boutonniere using Sweet peas and Rosemary
Snow white carnations, birch covered glass vessels and loads of votive candles in frosted glass.  Carnation prices vary $.65 to $1.95 per stem
Silk Kissing balls can add to your winter wonderland. 8" for $18.99
6 arm crystal Chandelier with 2.75"x1.75" hanging crystals.  $225.00
Victoria Janashvili
Victoria Janashvili
All white candles in silver sticks and crystal candelabras can create the best of looks for very little expense.
6 arm Chandelier to compliment a crystal candelabra.  Some up and some down but all are beautiful all around.
Birch Bark cone adorned with crystals and filled with rose petals.  A flower girls dream.
Rose petals start at $15.99 per bag
If you don't want to make your own birch bark vessels you can purchase them from us!  Available in several sizes.  Birch vessels range in price from $7.99 to $18.99 each
Unscented pillar candles available in almost every color.  Prices vary depending on size; $6.50 to $18.00